pray for my Mom

moms are indescribable. unfortunately, because i have such a thick head only recently have i truly come to understand that.

my mom is indescribable. unfortunately, i'm all the way in reno and she's all the way in denver and she's just been re-diagnosed with breast cancer. that means i can't give her a hug, or see her every day, or hide little notes in her school bag for all the days that she manages the energy to get up and go to work (which was every day the last time she had it because that's the kind of person she is.) so this really sucks.

if you're reading this, please keep my mom in your prayers. she's trusting God and she's amazing, and he provided her a way to find it right away. she even told me not to pray for her, but to pray for my youngest brothers who are still living with her at home.

i will learn from her faith for a lifetime.