Disappearing Act

September 17 was the last time I wrote. September 17 Jonathan and I were preparing to leave on a week long trip to Europe, after which we'd come back to London homeless, wandering aimlessly between hospitable friends who (hopefully) would be willing to put up with us for a few nights until we left London permanently. Well, somehow it all worked. Somehow we managed to fit in a trip to Prague, Salzburg, Venice, Florence and Rome (and managed to squeeze ourselves next to the toilet and a couple from Brazil and a couple from New Zealand and a girl from Australia and a pram--a.k.a. stroller--on an overbooked train from Prague on its way to Munich for Oktoberfest... not sure how that was even possible). Somehow we closed out our self-indulgent year in London, made it to Denver--albeit with missing luggage that disappeared between the clerk that checked us in and the conveyor belt (she forgot to put a tag on it)-- and now here we are, almost a month later, in Seward, NE and staying with our grandparents and seeing my brothers Markus and Andrew for the first time in a year. Yesterday was the end of the two week period we spent in Denver with my parents and brother Joel. Great time meeting up with family and friends, seeing the fall colors of Breckenridge, CO (jogged my forgetful memory, reminding me that it's one of my favorite places in the world--even after Europe) and spent time preparing for our move to Lodi at the end of the month.

It's gone so fast! So fast that it's been a month since I last blogged. I don't have time to delve into profound insights today, but I've had plenty of time to digest future material. And I have a few stories to share. But it'll have to wait till next time, because I have some face to face catching up to do...