Quite frankly, it's very obvious to me that music is an ethereal spiritual mystery that we'll never completely grasp.

i'm sucking Spanish wine at the moment I write these words. Take it as a disclaimer to this post, or just keep it in mind as you read, if you'd like. Either way, I suppose I'm purposely writing at this moment to avoid witholding important information from you. After re-reading my last post, i realize I didn't quite clarify my very strong feelings about musical styles in worship. I realize I said generational worship is very important, and yes, I do believe it wholeheartedly. At the same time, I think it's vital we consider the powerful emotional, scientific power of music.

I'm despising church these days. I hate going. Thursday night Bible study--awesome. Sunday morning Bible study with women ten-thirty years older than me--wonderful. But i can't handle the same old same old services. I have nothing against "traditional" music. I think it's exactly what alot of people need--alot of people connect with. But I don't relate. Alot of kids don't relate. And i was reminded of that tonight when parents expressed a deep sorrow to me that our older church members don't realize how quickly they are losing the youth. It pains me to realize that no one wants to make the effort to change that. Such a simple thing--such a simple problem. And I realize there's only a certain amount of effort we should put towards catering to individuals. It's a hard balance. But still, how much are we causing their need, and how much does their need just naturally exist?


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(disclaimer: coherency not top on the priority list today.)
my "bother" with worship is that pastors, music people, etc. put 20, 30, more? hours into planning an hour and fifteen minutes of time...
your comments about valuing your bible study are right in line with what um... a majority of "Church futurists" say about the future of the church. We don't connect with large gatherings (let alone the music!!!) because we are surrounded by people lights action all of the time. We want connection with believers and that is what you are recieving in bible study.
What we need is a paradigm shift...and not just about worship. (this is the part where we all pray Come, Lord quickly)

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