Hokey Pokey: A Review

This morning I finished reading a book by fellow blogger Matthew Paul Turner. Turner has written a range of books covering elusive topics like sex, politics, faith, the Christian culture and evangelism, and his new book's subject isn't any less ambitious: how to discover your life's calling.

"Calling" is one of those ambiguous words that gets thrown around the Christian sphere as if it's a doctrine of its own. In Hokey Pokey: Curious People Finding What Life's All About, Turner pieces together the unexplained in a simple manner. He uses stories, examples and questions to calm the restlessness of befuddled young adults who find themselves paralyzed by life's decisions. His main premise is that we don't have to be highly enlightened prophets to understand God's will. Instead, the key is curiosity: a desire to see the bigger picture of our life story, to see it as a journey in which we walk by God, side by side, illuminating his grace for those around us.

One statement Turner makes towards the end of the book stood out to me:

". . . we are God’s art—a series of paintings that reflect his creativity. . . I want to learn from each of the paintings that I encounter. I want to be someone who allows God the freedom to paint in me what he wants to reveal about himself, so others might possibly be able to learn something about him by looking at my story."


MattCario said...

I read his book The Coffeehouse Gospel during college. I really liked the direction the book was trying to go, but don't feel like it ever got there.

emily said...

This book sounds very intriguing to me. I definitely respect your opinion of books, so I think I might check this out! Also, I am thinking about life's "calling" a lot with finishing up internship and starting this new part of my life! How are you enjoying London?

lee woo said...

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