Sorrento, etc. Picture Highlights

We were bumped from our 3 star hotel to the 4 star Sea Club hotel with its own beach in Sorrento! We didn't mind too much...

The pool and seaside view from our hotel room.

Steps leading up to a home on the island of Capri

A view of Capritown from our trek on the Arco Naturale trail.

The long queue for the most fantastic tiramisu gelato in the world!

Afternoon refreshment at a cafe on Capri: bruschetta (just the way it's meant to taste--fresh and crusty) and bianca vino. This is our second round of vino because I hit the table and spilled our first. Such a klutz...

View of the Tyrrehenian Sea and active volcano Mount Vesuvius.

The Marina Grande on Capri

An ancient roman street in Pompeii

Backside view of Pompeii

The first ampitheatre built for gladiator competitions in Pompeii. It's small compared to the others built after it, but it's still a good-sized arena considering when and how it was built.

A Roman column--an example of how well the city of Pompeii was preserved by Vesuvius' volcanic ash (I have pictures of some preserved bodies as well, but I'll refrain from posting them in case some of you are eating while you read this. Unless, of course, you beg to see them.)

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MattCario said...

Amy, sounds and looks like ya'll had a great time! Nice pictures. Tell Jon or "J" as he seems be going by now "hi" from us.