Redemptive Writing

From "Writing Creative Nonfiction"

"Creative nonfiction writers are in an ideal position to be one-person "truth and reconciliation" commissions, to uncover "the small stories that have gone missing," as one writer put it. Rooted as it is in telling people's stories, creative nonfiction is a particularly well-equipped genre to deal with events that have been forgotten or understudied by official histories, and to unearth lives at the margin of bigger events" (pg. 32).

An interesting position to be in. . .

". . . one-person "truth and reconciliation" commissions. . ."
". . . to unearth lives at the margin of bigger events."


Jody said...

I love creative nonfiction. I used to shy away from it because fiction writing held so much glamour but now I really like to write nonfiction!

Amy said...

it's a big wide world of fun and opportunity! :)