Hehehehe. . . they think we're not so smart. They think they'll suck all the money out of us before we can say "move". Well, I'm on to them, and I'm going to get the message out to all of you so that you're aware of the manipulation and you too can prevent soap scum!!

Yep, that's right. The dreaded SOAP SCUM. And not just any scum--I'm talkin about the kind of soap scum that sinks deep into the crevices of bath tubs made specifically by money-hungry apartment renters to eeke out every ounce of deposit left in our account when our lease is up.

You ask how I came upon this invaluable information? Gladly I'll share. It was when I began cleaning our first apartment bathtub that I recognized the signs. The bathtub was uncleanable. I tried every type of scum remover, every kind of tub cleaner. It was so bad that my husband set out himself, without any kind of suggestion from me, to soak it with clorox over night--more than once. But to no avail!

Thus, when it came time to move to a new apartment our tub was full of dirty scum, unattainable, untouchable. We received a notice after moving into our new apartment that the staining of our tub meant we would not be getting our deposit back. *sob*. It was a dark evening.

Until tonight. Tonight I just got angry when I cleaned my new apartment's tub for the first time and *gasp!* came upon the same cavernous crevices collecting crap.

That's it. I'm writing a letter to my senator.


Jody said...

I don't know how some landlords sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

there's GOT to be a solution. Try Google, I hear she has LOTS of answers to tough soap scum questions.