Hot Showers or Chocolate?

Before Jonathan and I left for Paris we were without hot water for a week. I boiled water in our tea kettle and filled the sink to take sponge baths and wash my hair. It worked, but there was this overwhelming emptiness that wouldn't leave me alone. It was an emptiness only hot showers could fill. I was a sad, cold girl.

This morning I got into a piping hot shower that made me sigh with happiness. This was when I decided that if I ever had to choose between giving up chocolate or hot showers, and I had the option to keep chocolate if I was okay with having lukewarm showers the rest of my life, then I would definitely have to give up chocolate.

Can I get an amen for hot showers?


brooke said...

i will abso-friggin'-lutely send up an AMEN for that...hot showers are totally under-rated...

Jamie said...

AMEN!! When I was in Costa Rica, I missed hot high-pressured showers almost more than my family...I'm glad you have your hot shower back now. :)