Piccadilly Santas

Have you ever seen a herd of Santas before?

Jonathan and I were Christmas shopping in London. Carnaby Street was a Technicolor Harry Potter scene—shops squashed on twisty turny alleys, lights sparkling, and shoppers twittering about their recent purchases. We were just about to catch a bus in Piccadilly Circus when out of the Underground’s stairway, three or four Santas suddenly popped onto the street like loose kernels of popcorn. We thought they must be on their way to offer a lap and an ear to some kids. But then another Santa appeared, and another, and soon hundreds of fluffy red Santas began bursting out of a bottomless Mary Poppins purse! They were singing and skipping and laughing to the Eros statue in the middle of the Circus where they piled for pictures.

We looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders at the absurdity, and what the hey? We crossed the street to join the picture-snapping crowds, surrounded by cheering St. Nicks.

London is never dull!

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