*Girly Shriek!*

Yesterday at the Apple store a woman came up to Jonathan to ask if he could help her friend who had some questions about speakers. Begrudgingly (because it wasn't really his job) he agreed. Jonathan walked over to the man who had a baseball cap pulled low on his head and said hi, I'm Jonathan. How can I help you today? Then the man looked up. The blood drained from Jonathan's face.

It was Antonio Banderas.

Apparently Antonio (he talked to my husband so we're obviously on a first name basis) was really laid back and said something to the effect of, "Tell me: do I really want these speakers?" And Jonathan, being the loveably honest guy he is, said, "Well, no. There are better ones." Afterwards only one person in the entire Apple store asked Antonio for his autograph, and Jonathan was quite proud of himself for remaining calm throughout the interaction. And (this is the best part) Jonathan even shook his hand at the end, which means that I (omg!) have indirectly shaken Antonio Banderas' hand.

If any of you were still on the fence about our move to London, now you can believe with unswerving confidence that all was not in vain.

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