Lesser Things

Jonathan is suggesting that I write about the violence in Kenya, or the distortion of women's rights in America, or about Free Willy (for those of you who missed the heart-rending whale tale with the Michael Jackson theme song, shame on you). All decent topics, although I'm ill equipped to comment on any of the above and wouldn't want to be reductive of situations that require our prayers. I would talk about Freeing Willy, but I've never met Willy the Whale in person before and it's been a long time since my crush on the boy who freed Willy ended.

So I'll settle on a jumble of lesser things that are running through my head...

Jonathan and I went to a friend's flat in Camden where he's starting a new church plant. This morning it was a small group of people cosied up on couches (mostly Americans, strangely). They served us a hearty brunch and gave us the Word and we met some cool people, too. I left wondering how I can truly soak up the truth that all of us are in God's favor now, and how that should affect the way we live.

Tonight a friend is coming over for a chat and we'll drink wine and make pizza and I LOVE real pizza dough. I've been making all of our bread recently--it's such a fundamental and profound process. The smell of the yeast and sugar dissolving, so potent that I can almost taste the bubbles on my tongue. Kneading the stresses of the day into the dough and seeing the loaves rise high anyway. Keeping up with Jonathan is a bit difficult, considering he went through a loaf in two days, but I don't mind. Food makes the man's heart fonder, right?

Jonathan is sitting on the bed next to me playing guitar and singing. Since I couldn't fit my piano in my bag and am not allowed to use the practice rooms at the University, I play vicariously through him. I love my musical husband.

We enjoyed a taste of my favorite instant tea mix at Whittard Tea Company on the way to Piccadilly Circus. Dreamtime Tea. And I indulged in a chocolate chocolate chip cookie from M and S, too. mmmm!

Jonathan got a promotion this week! He's now a respectable Lead Cashier rather than a Mac Specialist. We're looking forward to seeing how he does.

I have a novel in the works. Agggh! But I feel much more confident to take on the task and figure, why not now?

Amidst all the jumble, I'm thankful that I can take time out to appreciate it.


alaina said...

this is a favorite post. love and hugs.

Jen Mc. said...

Amy! Where the heck have you been?! I had no idea you were in London, that you had a blog, etc. etc. So glad you haven't been eaten by a bear, lost in Trafalgar, anything of the sort. Check my blog one more time for a response to your posting- and this blog is gorgeous, I am so excited to meet back up! Was just thinking about you! Blessings, Jen