Waxing Philosophical

I was reading about characterization today and came across two interesting quotes (both from Lajos Egri, The Art of Dramatic Writing). I wonder what they mean for you?

“Every second of our life has its own premise, whether or not we are conscious of it at the time . . . The premise of each second contributes to the premise of the minute of which it is part, just as each minute gives its bit of life to the hour, and the hour to the day. And so, at the end, there is a premise for every life.”

“A pivotal character is a driving force, not because he decided to be one. He becomes what he is for the simple reason that some inner or outer necessity forces him to act; there is something at stake for him, honor, health, money, protection, vengeance, or a mighty passion.”

So, on a lazy Saturday, here's a couple of questions to get your brain wrinkles thinking:

What would you say is your premise this second? This minute? This hour? This lifetime?

What's at stake for you? What are you forced to fight for?

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