Book Club?

Recently some friends of mine suggested I start a blogging book club. I like the idea--I like that I would get to read books and discuss them and that it would bridge the miles between my friends and I, each post and subsequent comment like a coffee shop conversation, or a living room discussion over chocolate chip cookies (hopefully they would be my friend Brooke's cookies, b/c they're amazing).

So I am seriously considering this opportunity, but I wondered how many other people would be interested in joining the bloggers book club? And if you're interested, what would you name the blogging book club? Do tell.


alaina said...

emily b. and I talked about this all of the time the summer she lived with me. in fact we were just talking about it this summer at a conference...
I, of course, am game.
I think you should call it: Because We Read and Think and Don't Live Close to Each Other.
...maybe not.
I'll keep working on that one.
(tu y yo tuesday.)

brooke said...

1) yes, i am interested

2) question: which is better...blogs.......beets......or battle star galactica

3) title: i don't have a suggestion. that's in YOUR hands, amy.

Amy said...

1) Excellent

2) blogs BEAT battle star galactica

3) that's what she said

brooke said...

walkin' on, wakin' on broken glass.........

Rebecca said...

I'm in! Sounds like a lot of fun. As far as a name - I can only come up with cheesy ones right now, so I won't even repeat them.