This is not okay.

In this video, posted on Focus on the Family's website, a guy asks people to pray for rain during Obama's speech at the Democratic convention in Denver.

Somebody please tell me why we don't yet have a democratic voting process for Christian leaders. F on the F is one of the greatest known "Christian" organizations in the nation, and they're using their resources and influential platform to stoop to the realm of mean-spirited political propaganda that tells the nation Jesus is a republican who doesn't care about democrats or Obama supporters?

When he was in the world, Jesus stayed out of politics.

I wish I had a say in the organizations and "authorities" who represent my faith.


alaina said...

when i saw this video earlier this week, it took all i had not to kick and scream.

swimming upstream said...

preach it, Amy. preach it.

joanna said...


the sad part is, many people will actually be praying for rain that day... and many will be praying for clear skies... but only a nameless few will be doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with their God.