Europe Adventure

It's 12:43 am Wednesday September 17 and Jonathan and I have just finished packing up our London apartment. I am watching the second to last load of laundry spin in our washer/dryer and willing it to go faster so I can get into bed and rest up for our last week of European adventures. Yes, our last week in Europe is upon us! Tomorrow we fly to Prague, and for the next 7 seven days we will be traversing the cities of Prague, Salzburg, Venice, Florence and Rome. We'll arrive back in London on Wednesday September 24, and for the final five days we'll suck our last breath of English air, solidifying memories of London on our brains. We'll then fly to Denver on September 29th, arriving there at 6:30 pm or so the same day. It's sad to see the time go, but we're ready to close this chapter of our life and begin a new one.

But enough of sentiments. I'm sure you'll be hearing more from us when we return, and until then, keep us in your prayers if you think about it. Very soon we'll be seeing many of you back on American soil!

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