Mean Blokes

A play

Outside of the protection of their borders, innocent Americans venture into foreign lands looking for excitement and an expanded world view. As they live and work amongst the aliens, they uncover a dangerous secret that will turn their happy-go-lucky joyride into a societal survival struggle against the bullies of the world.

Cast of Characters:

Jag: Generally nice English bloke. Inebriated rockstar with fuschia hair.
Mimi: Sober American, wife of Joe, dressed in skinny jeans.
Joe: Inebriated American, husband of Mimi, slightly bearded.
Cat: Sober American from Oklahoma, whiter than white teeth.
Small Crowd: a small crowd, crowded around, crowding the pavement.

Act I, Scene 1: The Hazing Begins

Jag, Mimi, Joe and Cat stand outside the pavement at the Slug and Lettuce. Small Crowd hovers next to them. Fag smoke twirls through the air.

Jag: (light-heartedly) Tell me you're voting for Obama.

Joe: I don't know, man.

Jag: Tell me you're not voting for McCain.

Joe: I don't think I'll vote.

Jag: (suddenly serious) You have to vote. Take some responsibility! Your republicans have destroyed the world and now you have to change it.

Cat: Come on. There's republicans and then there's republicans. There's democrats and then there's democrats.

Mimi: (obviously nervous, turns to a piece of the crowd) Thanks for coming. It was great to talk to you. To meet you again. (turns back around to the other three)

Jag: (more irate) This is the Christian thing to do. (pointing to Joe). You're a Christian. (pointing to Mimi) You're a Christian. (pointing to Cat) You're a Christian. Christians care about the world.

Joe: It's not a democrat or a republican or a Christian thing. It's more complicated than you think.

Jag: You've *&%$^& up the rest of the world enough already!

Mimi: I am not personally responsible for the decisions my president makes.

Jag: You better vote for Obama.

Mimi: I'm hungry (looking around, walks to the corner with Cat)

Cat: You want some chicken? It's so good it tastes like it has crack in it. That's why we call it Kentucky Cracked Chicken.

Jag stalks to the corner and leaves the group.

Joe follows Mimi and Cat.

Joe: He's not usually like that.

Mimi: What got into him?

Joe: I don't know. He's not usually like that.

Cat turns right, and Joe and Mimi turn left. Joe and Mimi walk into the tube station.

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