Recipe for a KettleCorn Weekend

I love kettlecorn--sweet and salty and something for everyone.


3 or 4 or seventy times seven

One holiday-grocery trip to Raley's (or favorite food supply store with favorable customer service and plentiful smiles)

1 potato water roll recipe from Mom

1 crockpot of Turkey Meatloaf and bowl of mashed potatoes left over from roll recipe (must eat after Thanksgiving eve church)

Three hours of Thanksgiving roll baking time with Coldplay in the background

Three hours of Macy's Day Parade on couch in pajamas

1 cup of coffee made at home in pajamas

1 phone call to Dad in Denver

1 happy husband

3 fun friends

2 bottles of Trader Joe wine

10-dishes for Thanksgiving feast*

An afternoon of relaxed conversation peppered with uncontrollable laughter

1 phone call to Mom in Denver

2 comfy couches

7 couch cushions for floor bed

1 pumpkin spice grande latte (with 2 shots)

1 Shane and Shane holiday CD

As many San Francisco zoo animals as you can fit into a day of sightseeing (including the ones we named, like Sir Alfred the Penguin and I-Kill-You the Tiger and Pierce the Rhinoceros) + 1 bowl of chili

A handful of kodak moments

1 beach-at-dusk

9 dishes of leftover Thanksgiving feast (plus 1 pumpkin roll)

1 and a half matinee hours of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Three hours at Stockton Thunder hockey game with happy husband and four fun friends

1 plateful of late-night pasta dish to eat while blogging and listening to Christmas music while husband sleeps his cold off

Throw all ingredients into a pot and pop. Share with anyone who wants to join you!

*Best results occur if you phone a friend to make you baked brie in puff pastry and cinnamon walnuts, garlic mashed potatoes, and sour cream pumpkin pie in addition to the traditional dishes.

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