Twice the Christmas Fun

My friend Jen at The Perfect Umbrella recently posted a list of online stores that give a portion of their proceeds to fight the injustices of human trafficking, slavery, and inhumane working conditions. If you'd like your Christmas money to make a global impact this year, I encourage you to check it out. And why not include your friends and family in the joy of double giving? Print out a copy of the organization's mission statement, goals, and progress and include it with the gift so they know their gift is improving someone's life.

Thanks for the heads up, Jen.

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Jen Mc. said...

Soooo excited that this list is circulating in the Marrow!!! I just went to a jewelry benefit last night for nightlightbangkok.com and their things are really well-done (and prettier in person than online!). Enjoy the Christ-in-the-mix shopping!! :)