Notice to all Dog Owners

In the event that you, the rightful owner, take your dog for a walk, and your dog should:

a. be attached to some member of you, the rightful owner, by a leash, or
b. be roaming freely within eyesight or earhear of you, the rightful owner, and
c. bite an innocent passerby,

then you, the rightful owner, should at least have the courtesy to:

a. apologize
b. discipline the dog
c. inquire about the seriousness of the wound on the passerby.

If steps a, b and c are not undertaken by the rightful owner, ill will can be legally issued from the injured passerby onto both the dog and the rightful owner. In the extreme event that the rightful owner and his or her dog runs away from the injured passerby and does not inform the injured passerby of the dog's vaccination history, the dog is entitled to a drop kick from the injured passerby with no protestations or complaints from the rightful owner.*

*Each hour that the injured passerby spends in the ER for a rabies vaccination results in either a drop kick** or the discipline of the injured passerbyer's choice.

**of the dog or the rightful owner

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