This is No Bridget Jones

Jonathan promised to take me swing dancing when my ankle heals. SWING DANCING! :) I'm so excited that I just vacuumed the house (the thrill of anticipation somehow makes me more productive?)

Maybe we can pull off this look again:

The picture was taken before a Great Gatsby party we went to in Reno that lived up to its namesake in decadence. Women were decked out in fringe and pearls and some guys wore zoot suits and we had cocktails and dinner on the lawn. Sadly Jonathan is sans his dapper hat in this picture, but let me just say that if I had met him at one of Gatsby's roaring parties, he would have been first on my dance card.

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brooke said...

Oh my goodness!! You two are TOO CUTE!!! The lipstick is to die for. :) I remember the first time I saw Jonathan attempt (half successfully) to swing you around, Amy. It was at a country dance "club" in Lincoln, NE. Hee. Good luck preparing for your upcoming swing-dance-a-thon!