Who Will Sign My Petition?

Not speaking from my own job, but generally, I've always wondered and especially wonder after being exposed to other countries' work philosophies...

Why do Americans work so hard?

Why are our work weeks bleeding into evenings and weekends?

Why is it so rare in this country to be given paid vacation automatically--or even more than a week or two--rather than requiring people to put in the time and prove their worth before they're treated like a human being?

Why do we believe the lie that work gives us our worth? That money equals success?

. . .

I'll sign any petition to change this. Please just don't tell me the answer is socialism.

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joanna said...

to europe my friend... flee!

i concur. everyone i've met outside the states thinks it's insane how little time off we have a year.

i've noticed a difference being with a kiwi based organization vs. an american one.

with us rest is a value, not earned or an option. it is expected, required and seen as completely necessary for health.

i don't know if the answer is socialism, but i know a big part of the problem is capitalism. we live in a consumer/producer society - so a person only has value if they are producing (this is why so called "freeloaders" are basically villains in our country) and consuming (you need that new ipod!)...

the system is set up for us to find our worth in our work... and, yes, lest we fool ourselves, money means success.

what's the solution when so much of the so called american dream is the problem?

(not to mention how the way we live and find our identity as consumers and producers affects the rest of the world... right down to my neighbors - i digress.)