After-Party Haze

Happy new 2008! Hope you all enjoyed a safe night full of cheesy balls, cheesy games and not-so-cheesy champagne. As for our London new year, I must give props to our hosts whose gentleman father is a wine merchant. The vino flowed like salmon in the Capistrano until 6 am when we finally left their Camden flat. We ended up not walking to Primrose Hill to watch the fireworks set off by the London Eye, but that was a good thing. We were enjoying each other's company too much and didn't appreciate the idea of a crowd, and since we were digesting our yummy tapas consumed just a few minutes before, we probably would have given ourselves searing stomach cramps.

I want to dedicate this post to the Transport for London worker who cheered up the after-party haze while we waited for a seriously delayed tube train. There were two trains that took about thirty minutes to arrive--unheard of, really, and when it's still dark outside and people are hungover and tired and some are still drunk, it's not the ideal situation. I was very concerned that people wouldn't mind the gap, and that we'd have to save them from oncoming trains. Nothing like that happened, luckily. And most of us just slouched on the platform, too exhausted to complain about the train's delay. About that time a worker on another platform called out, "Good morning!" and he called out again, "Good morning!" When I looked to see who he was talking to, I realized he was yelling to all of us knackered commuters. "Happy new year!" he cheered again, and I saw a few smiles squeeze their way onto faces. Even though he had probably had a full nights rest, and even if he hadn't, I was impressed that a random stranger had attempted to remind us what we had celebrated. Because when you're stuffing food and sipping yet another wine, it can be easy to forget.

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