The Beauty of an Un-Made Bed

I do most of my coursework for my Masters from home. As a result, I have sexy temptations like unread books, the internet, movies, blogging, and a cozy bed that get me to faff around (three cheers for the person who googles the Brit slang (or just figures out what it means by context) and leaves a comment with the meaning :) That's usually why I make my bed every day. If I have a made bed, I'm not as likely to accidentally fall into it on the way to my computer.

Today I defied my bed rule and discovered that an un-made bed is really quite beautiful. Its rumpled covers satisfy my sleep needs like porn does for a sex addict--maybe because it's possibility without responsibility? Whatever it is, while I've worked today I've occasionally glanced at my bed and fantasized about cozying up with a book and a cuppa tea, and that brief moment is enough to get me back on track with my work.

Maybe this means I'll have a lot more sympathy when my children defy my command to make their beds? (Jonathan: *laughs hysterically at the prospect of the word "sympathy" being in active use in my vocabulary when we have untidy children*)


Anonymous said...

This is Grace's mom. I linked to your blog recently from Grace's blog and have enjoyed reading your entries. I couldn't resist your challenge to find out the meaning of your Brittish word. So here goes:
Time wasting/feckin' around
Stop faffing around and do the dishes!

to aimlessly waste time doing useless tasks
stop faffing around and come to bed my love

The excessive use of time for nonsense activities

I don't know what feckin' is so I'm hoping it's not naughty.

Amy said...

Thanks, Grace's mom! I looked up "feckin'" and it means an exclamation of anger or frustration, or to take or steal. I'm assuming in this case it refers to taking or stealing (time).

I love Brit slang :)